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Hungry Little Minds - This is a great website for children years 0-5, if you have younger siblings there are also suggestions for them.



Lockdown Nursery Challenges

Summer term - Week 5

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Challenge 1 Phonics

Challenge 2 Messy play

Challenge 3 Creative

Play Grandmas Keys as a family.

Blindfold someone and sit him or her on a chair. Place a bunch of keys underneath the chair. Everyone else to sit around in a circle and then one person to try to retrieve the keys without being heard by the blindfolded person.

Marble or car wheels painting


Use a washing up bowl, place a piece of paper in the bottom. Squirt in a few blobs of paint on one side of the bowl. Then add your marbles or cars with big wheels. Roll the marbles/cars through the paint and then roll them across the bowl, backwards and forwards.


Can you design and make a new fish tank for our Nursery fish Sid?


What shape will it be? Will it have any special things in it for Sid? Will you make him a castle/tower/ship/playground to go in his tank to keep him busy?

Challenge 4 Maths

Challenge 5 Language

Challenge 6 Life skill

Recap of numbers and the amounts to go with them.


Can you find me 3 apples? 4 pencils? 7 shoes? 1 car? 6 dolls etc...


Can you match the amount to the correct numeral?  


Play with a car garage/dinosaurs/dolls houses/zoos etc…


Think about your characters, what will they sound like? What adventure will they go on?

Personal hygiene reminder.


Washing hands, for 20 seconds, making sure that you use soap and cover all of your hands. Use a tissue to wipe your nose, then put it in the bin and wash your hands. If you need to cough, cough into your elbow.


Once you have been to the toilet, you need to flush and wash your hands.

Please email pictures of you completing your challenges to



Week 4

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Challenge 1 Phonics

Challenge 2 Messy Play

Challenge 3 Physical

What is in the box game (see You Tube clip for how to play) Play this game with mums, dads/brothers, and sisters.


Find a selection of noisy objects and place them inside a cardboard box. Keeping them hidden, pick one of them and make a noise with it.

The children have to guess what it is. Once they have had a guess show them. Then pick the next thing and so on.


Sunny weather

Play with bubbles! Blow bubbles, make bubble paintings, and see how big you can make one bubble? How many small bubbles can you make? Watch as they float away, how long can you see them for? Can you pop them all before they hit the ground?


Wet weather

Playdough- can you roll it, squash it, flatten it, make a ball, pinch it, poke it, make a long snake with it?

Lie on the floor and take some nice deep breaths. How does your body feel? What is your breathing like? Can you feel your heart beating? Can you feel it in your chest? Notice how fast it is going.

Now stand up and do 10 star jumps and 10 seconds running as fast as you can on the spot.

Now notice your breathing again. How is it now? How does it feel? What about your heart? Feel it in your chest, what is it doing?

Is it the same as before or different? Why do you think that is?

Lie back down on the floor and see how long it takes to slow down again. What else can you do to change it? Running/jumping/hopping/skipping?  

Challenge 4 Maths

Challenge 5

Challenge 6 Life skill

Ask Mums and Dads if you can borrow some different coins from them. Have a close look at them. What do you notice? What colour are they? What do they have on them? Can you see any numbers or pictures? What are they for?

Can you draw one of them? Can you do some rubbings using crayons?  

Play a memory game- put a selection of random objects on a tray. Have a good look at them. Then ask a grown up to cover up the tray and take one thing away. Then uncover it and see if you can work out what has gone. Play again. Alternatively, swap; can your grown up say what is missing?


Can you help with the hoovering or turning on the washing machine? Can you do the dusting or polishing? Can you tidy away your toys at the end of the day? Can you help fold the washing?


See if you can be a super hero helper to Mums and Dads this week.


Please email pictures of you completing your challenges to



Suggested activities for nursery children to do at home. 


 Nature detectives


Toy Theatre


The muddy puddle teacher


Practical activities you can do

Leaf hunt


  • What can you see out of the window? Bird/bug watching

  • Shape/colour hunt around the house

  • Matching pairs- socks, gloves and shoes

  • Mark making/colouring

  • Making stick puppets

  • Make a den/reading den

  • Make sensory shakers- bottles, cardboard boxes with pasta or rice to shake whilst singing nursery rhymes.

  • Make an obstacle course

  • Have a paper aeroplane-flying contest

  • Make and decorate cupcakes

  • Colouring in

  • Make a junk model house

  • Make a tower, knock it town

  • Play with dolls houses/cars/ garages/train tracks etc…


Messy Play

Playdough- squash it, squeeze it, flatten it, roll it, poke it etc…

Shaving foam painting

Water play


Cornflour and water/ Sand or flour


Paintbrushes and water