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Celebrating Success - Our Houses!

At Stimpson, every child in the academy is allocated one of four house teams: Holmes, Marple, Drew and Poirot.

Each child and siblings are placed in a “House” on entry to school and remain a member of this team throughout their time at the school. All the children are very eager to earn house points and the winning house enjoys a treat at the end of each academic year.

Emphasis is placed on rewards and earning house points is seen as special recognition. Children can earn house points for a variety of achievements. These include:

  • Recognition of good work
  • Good progress
  • Teamwork
  • Positive attitude
  • Positive behaviour which reflects our Academy creed and values

On Sports Day the Houses compete against each other as teams and a cup is awarded to the winning House.

At the end of the year, a special celebration assembly is held and the House Cup is awarded to the winning house and the ribbons are changed on the cup to display the colours of the winning house.

House Captains are elected from Year 6 pupils and they provide positive leadership to the children in their house and the various competitions and events organised throughout the year.

The House Captains are responsible for leading their house in competitions and events, and representing the school in the community and a range of school events and activities. The responsibilities of the House Captains are:

  • to set an example to the other children
  • to earn house points and encourage others to do so 
  • to represent the house when collecting awards
  • to be somebody others can turn to for advice

Good luck to all and keep working hard. Your house could be the winning one if you all work together as a team. Go for it!

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