We are a United Against Bullying Silver School.

We believe that our school should be a happy and safe place. Bullies are not welcome in our school.

What is bullying?

Bullying is when people are not treated well or respected and this happens again and again. For example: being horrible online, using nasty words, or hurting someone.

Bullying can happen anywhere: in the playground, in the classroom, in the lunch hall, outside of school or even online.

What we do to recognise and stop bullying?

At Stimpson Avenue Academy, we all work together to ensure everyone is safe and happy:

  • In PSHE lessons and assemblies, we learn about bullying.
  • Around the school, we praise students for their respectful behaviour, kindness and treating other people how they want to be treated. 
  • We follow our school values all day, every day.  
  • We have assemblies where we celebrate children who show the school values. 
  • We know who to talk to if we're ever worried.
  • We create our safe hands in September each year.
  • Everyone is taught what to do if they see, hear or learn about unwanted behaviours.
  • We have trained ‘buddies’ in the playground to help children who feel sad. 
  • We have ‘Kindness Coaches’ – these chosen children are trained to help the adults in a restorative manner.
  • We have a kindness week.
  • We have online safety lessons.
  • We have a ‘Safety Snippet’ in our weekly newsletters.
  • KS2 take part in the ‘Blue Butterfly’ Project with the police where we learn about unsafe feelings and situations. 

In summer 2023, Stimpson Avenue Academy became a United Against Bullying Silver School in recognition of our efforts to reduce bullying and improve wellbeing for pupils.

Click on the documents below to view our anti-bullying policies in our school's most commonly spoken languages.

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