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The Eco-Committee is pupil-led and consists of one child nominated to represent each class from Year 2 to Year 6. These pupils play key roles in decision-making and participate in reducing the environmental impact of the school.

The Eco-Committee representatives are dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who work hard to improve and develop the school for the better. The eco-committee meets twice a term to discuss environmental issues and the changes they would like to see made around the school. Our Eco-Committee is led by Mrs Clapton, our Head of School, alongisde Mr Croke, our Site Supervisor. 

Our Eco-Committee roles include:

  • Carrying out an environmental review to evaluate our school’s performance against the nine Eco topics and write an action plan for the year ahead.
  • Working alongside the Junior Leadership Team on joint projects. 
  • Following our Eco Code by promoting environmental awareness and understanding to pupils, staff, and the wider community.
  • Sharing our Eco work by feeding back to our peers, family and the wider community through the newsletter, social media and the press. 
  • Being reflective learners when monitoring and evaluating the impact of our Eco action.
  • Presenting our work to members of the Senior Leadership Team and Governors.
  • Evaluating our action plan at the end of the year and identify our strengths and areas to improve for the following year.

This year some of our initiatives have included:

  • Creating an Eco-Code to demonstrate the school's environmental ethos and expectations
  • Installing new recycling facilities for items more difficult to recycle – e.g. crisp packets and batteries. 
  • Promoting healthy eating even more with our families – encouraging less waste. (we also use compost bins for fruit and vegetable waste on our school site). 
  • Holding a Power Down Day which included vastly reducing the amount of energy we consumed during a school day. Check out our appearance in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo here
  • Developing our school garden to include a wildflower area, sensory footpath, fruit and vegetable patches and an area suitable for our Forest School. 
  • Engaging with our catering company to ensure that we are holding a meat-free day weekly. 
  • Working alongside the Junior Leadership Team to raise funds for charities such as the RSPCA and the McCarthy Dixon Foundation
  • Introducing a ‘No Idling’ policy for outside of school. 

You can view our current action plan below.

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