At Stimpson Avenue Academy, we recognise that at times all children and families require a little more support and guidance.  We offer extra support through friendly chats, direction towards specialist support, early help assessments and a range of support programmes for pupils.

Through our curriculum we teach the children about personal safety, and how to keep themselves safe from harm. Our curriculum includes opportunities to discuss feelings and emotions and helps our children to think about their own personal safety and their rights as individuals to be kept safe from harm.

Our pastoral staff provide a range of nurture and wellbeing interventions; these can be small group or 1:1 sessions. These include self-esteem boosting, supporting pupils through separation and loss, and learning how to handle their emotions.

During wellbeing groups, children have great fun learning how to develop these skills through creative and exciting activities. Although some games can be challenging at times, the children work extremely hard to work together and grow in confidence.

We complete whole school wellbeing surveys to ensure support is provided where it is needed.

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